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Student Town Hall

Looking at our current environment, we are seeing an increased need for conversations around race. These conversations are difficult in nature and our own personal beliefs make them even harder, at times.

Red Clay will host a very special student town hall on July 27 at 6 PM. In this virtual event, we will hear from Red Clay students on critical topics related to race. Participants will gain insight on key components for having these conversations in a variety of settings.

  • Starting with Yourself

  • Interacting on Social Media

  • Discussion Points for Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

  • Ensuring Voice in Curriculum

  • Defining Principles Around Bias

We invite staff, families, community members and the general public to watch this event at 6 PM, via Red Clay's YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more details next week, including a link to submit your own questions and comments ahead of time.

With leadership from our Office of Equity & Strategic Partnerships, we are proud to offer a number of upcoming events and opportunities for the Red Clay community as we engage with the critical issues involving social justice in our schools.


Click here to download our new toolkit for fostering productive conversations about race and civil disobedience.

Click here to learn more about some of the immediate actions we are taking in Red Clay schools as we work with you to provide brave spaces, to help our community reconcile and heal from the cultural trauma we are experiencing.

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